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The Beard is a funny guy, especially through this wedding planning process. His ideas are witty, sharp and extreme. I think he says half the shit he does because….he wants to see my reaction.

This has come up quite a lot during our wedding song entrance selection. In order to allow him to have some control in this wedding (I’m not a bridezilla) I allowed him the opportunity to select our entrance song to our reception. Easy enough, right?

We spent an evening on YouTube and Spotify playing songs for each other. I came up with:

Queen – You’re My Best Friend

Elton John – You’re Song

Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, DeliveredĀ 

The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Not bad, right? I like to think that my choices are well rounded and possible crowd favorites. And you’re asking yourself…”What did The Beard pick?”

Stone Cold Steve Austin Entrance

Europe – The Final Countdown

Guns & Roses – Welcome To The Jungle

Eddie Murphy – Party All The TimeĀ 

Now I’m not saying his choices aren’t great, because honestly, they are funny and unexpected. We decided on Europe, The Final Countdown, or so I thought…


Leave it to The Beard to keep adding more songs to the wedding entrance selection playlist. Maybe we should just do a mash up like Jock Jams (even though we both agreed NO JOCK JAMS, EVER)

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