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I just had to share these pictures.

Growing up, and vacationing on the beach, sand ocean and sun are smoe of my favorite things. I never really thought about what sand truly was or looked like other than what stuck to my bathing suit or I washed out of my hair after a long day at the beach.

But now I’m blown away but what sand actually looks like magnified.

It’s inspirational to say the least. And beautiful can’t even begin to explain what it truly looks like.

Bermuda Sand Grains courtesy of sandgrains.com



Maui Sand Grains courtesy of sandgrains.com



Puffy Star Shapes from Okinawa courtesy of sandgrains.com


Skeleton Beach in Nambia sand grains courtesy of geology.com


I then found this link from microscope-microscope.com 0f my sand analysis and different photos from locations aroundt the world. Check out Discover Magazines slide show of sand “art” while you are at it.



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